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The Camelizer v2.2 Update

January 30, 2013 at 2:13 PM

We’ve just released a new version of The Camelizer, our price tracking browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.  Here are the highlights of the changes we made.


This is a big release for Firefox users, as we’ve completely redesigned the extension’s user interface to match that of our Chrome extension.  The result?  No more “add-on bar” buttons to deal with, no more huge Camelizer display at the bottom of your Firefox window, and no more memory leaks (we hope).

“Other Products”

Previous versions of The Camelizer only worked on product detail pages on retailer sites; that is, the Camel icon would only appear if the user was browsing a product page.  This has changed with v2.2, as The Camelizer now detects all products in retailer pages and displays a list of said products, allowing the user to view the price history of any product in a page.  Our extensions will still avoid doing anything on HTTPS pages, to ensure your privacy and browser security are maintained.

To try this new feature, visit any retailer page, like Amazon’s homepage, and click the Camel icon.  You will be shown the “other products” tab which lists all of the products found in the page.  Clicking a product link will display the familiar price history chart.  And a “product page” link will appear inside The Camelizer’s window next to the tabs, linking you to the product’s Amazon page.

Chart Options

We introduced chart options – such as price type, date range, etc – in The Camelizer v2.0.  In this release, we’ve enhanced them a bit.

First of all, your chart options are now saved.  This means the price types and date range you choose will stay the same between uses of the extension.  This is useful for people who only care about used products and/or recent price changes; they no longer have to change their settings every time they use The Camelizer.

As seen in the screenshot below, we’ve also made the date range options a bit smarter by disabling those options which fall outside our available data.

Download The Camelizer v2.2

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