In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Amazon has asked us to stop updating products in Europe until further notice. Stay safe out there.

En respuesta a la crisis de COVID-19, Amazon nos ha pedido que dejemos de actualizar productos en Europa hasta nuevo aviso. Mantente a salvo allí afuera.

En réponse à la crise du COVID-19, Amazon nous a demandé d'arrêter la mise à jour des produits en Europe jusqu'à nouvel ordre. Restez en sécurité là-bas.

Als Reaktion auf die COVID-19-Krise hat Amazon uns gebeten, die Aktualisierung von Produkten in Europa bis auf weiteres einzustellen. Bleibt sicher da draußen.

In risposta alla crisi COVID-19, Amazon ci ha chiesto di interrompere l'aggiornamento dei prodotti in Europa fino a nuovo avviso. Stai al sicuro là fuori.

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Warning About a New Scam

July 26, 2016 at 5:46 PM

There has recently arisen a scam by unscrupulous third party merchants on Amazon. As this scam impacts our users, we thought you would like to hear about it.

The idea is simple. The seller lists a product for much lower than other sellers, then says "please contact me before purchasing" in the description of their offer. This is a red flag. Every part of a transaction on Amazon needs to take place through Amazon, so that the communication can be reviewed for compliance with their terms of service. When you take a transaction offsite, you lose Amazon's protection and risk being scammed.

In this case, you contact the seller and they tell you to send them untraceable cash or cash replacements (ie, gift cards). And of course you end up with no product.

So the lesson here is, avoid all offers that request you contact the seller before purchasing, and absolutely do not complete any transactions offsite; don't checkout through Paypal, don't checkout through the merchant's own site...these things will likely cause you to lose Amazon's protection.

Stay safe out there! And please report all instances of this scam to Amazon directly; the more often they hear about it, the more quickly they will take action.

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